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Stashbuster Wrap

Stashbuster Wrap

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The Stashbuster Wrap is designed for that special yarn that you called out to you, and caused you to buy it even though you had no idea what you would use it for. Here is a short video about the pattern.

This wrap uses oversized needles, a lace pattern and a geometric shape and formula to make the most of the yarn. You will need 100 - 120 grams of yarn, lace to worsted weight, to make this generously sized, asymmetrical wrap.

You will need a scale, because you will be increasing every 4 rows until you have 1/3 of the yarn left, then you will begin decreasing every 2 rows. Use the scale to weigh your yarn as you knit to decide when to begin the decreases. This formula ensures a good sized wrap that will make the most of your special yarn.

Skill Level

Finished Measurements

72 to 100 inches in length
16-20 inches in width at largest point.

Materials Needed

A special skein or special skeins of yarn, 100-120 grams or more.1 24 inch circular needle 2-3 sizes larger than the lable suggests.
Scale that measures weight in grams
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

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