About Me

Wise Owl Knits (by Cheryl Beckerich) offers knitting patterns that are suitable for beginning to intermediate knitters. Though most of the knitting is not difficult, the finished designs are items that are fun to knit, fashionable, and educational.

 I knit because it makes me feel good, and I want you to get that same feeling when you knit. I will help you through the process of knitting my designs. Please contact me with any questions or for advice, whether about a technique, yarn choices, or anything else about the design. To help you through the knitting process, I am continually adding to a growing library of video tutorials and blog posts to help you grow and learn as a knitter.

 ​My designs are garments and accessories that you will love to wear or will be proud to give as a gift. Are you looking for your next knitting project? Maybe a gift for a daughter or granddaughter, or maybe a special cardigan just for you? Choose a Wise Owl Knits pattern for your special project, and don't worry, I am here to help you have a successful experience.