Third Week in a Row!

Third Week in a Row!

Hey Knitters!

Thank you so much for watching the 3rd episode of the Wise Owl Knits Fibercast. I am Cheryl Beckerich. I design knitting patterns. I knit, sew, and quilt, and will talk about all of my fiber obsessions on the fibercast. I truly appreciate you spending your viewing time with me. That really means the world to me.

I am wearing the Cable Top Boxy It is knit in Swans Island Sterling DK Collection, It looks like Swan's Island is only offering fingering weight yarn right now. Other DK's or light worsted would work just fine. I bought this yarn on a trip to Maine a few years ago. It was such a fun trip. We went with another couple and the reason for the trip was another friends wedding. This was souvenir yarn!

I am Making

  1. The Baby Quilt is Lookout Tree and Animal Sampler from Elizabeth Hartman.
  2. God's Promise Socks from Anna Knitter, knit in Opal Sock Yarn, also from Anna Knitter. My yarn was from the Cat's and Dog's Collection. Anna has sold out of that collection, but she has lot's of other Opal choices.
  3. Bi Bri Hat from Wise Owl Knits - That's me! The dominant yarn is Pulse DK in the color Disco from Skeinz, and the background yarn is from stash. The cute Bucket Bag is from Delightful Works.
  4. Fosette for the Fosettealong2023. Yarn is a limited edition from Skeinz. Video of how to avoid purling on the bobbles.
  5. Baby Blanket on the knitting machine.
  6. Soon I will cast on 2 more Christmas Stockings for a young couple/relative's kids. They are not technically relatives, but we think of them as related. This young family is definitely knit worthy. I am doing 2 stockings this year for the preschooler and toddler, and I will do one for the new baby next year, if I don't get it done before this Christmas. I just committed to getting 2 done this year. I am again using The Colorwork Sampler Christmas Stocking pattern.
  7. Cindy's Blanket for her Daughter-in-Law, using Premier Every Day Worsted. I have completed 2 blocks so far and have started a 3rd. Cindy had done 8 squares before she got sick and then passed on Christmas day, 2021.

I have Finished

  1. Christmas Stocking for Baby G. This is another Wise Owl Knits pattern, The Colorwork Sampler Christmas Stocking. I used Cascade 220 for the stocking too! The stocking is really finished now. It has been lined and I have added the name with duplicate stitch.

Current Designs

  1. Trinitrio is back from the Tech editor and the call for testers has gone out.
  2. Cable Poncho is getting so close to completing the knitting. I have the charts basically done, they need to be tweaked and I need to write them out. I am such a chart person, so the written instructions for all the cable rows are almost always tedious for me.

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