The Wearing of the Green on Episode 31

The Wearing of the Green on Episode 31

Today is March 18, 2024, and yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. You can watch Wearing of the Green, Episode 31 now.

I am wearing the Celtic Grace Cardigan,
knit in Cascade Eco. 

Julie of the Knitty Kat's podcast was talking about her quest to get the perfect green sweater.  Green is my color of choice.  Here are all my green sweaters.

1. Celtic Grace
2. Wildflower (2!)
3. Trinitrio
4. Cable Swoncho
5. Strawbarb
6. Mac Wrap Cardi
7. Keeping Time
8. Light Summer T
9. Cable Jaunt Coat

I have finished a few items, both are for Birthline. 

A corner to corner crochet blanket. The pattern is the Diagonal Box Stitch by Darlisa Riggs.

Baby Cardigan for Birthline, Author unknown


I am working on.....

Solomon's Poncho,


 You can find all of the information about both the Solomon Poncho KAL and the Wildflower KAL on my website at  There are finished project forms for both KALS!  Please complete the form when you finish your project so that you can be eligible for prizes.  Those are also linked in my Instagram Profile and in both Telegram groups., FO form for Wildflower:, FO form for Solomon Poncho:

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:40 Weather
00:01:24 Wearing today
00:02:14 All of my green sweaters
00:08:00 What color do you gravitate to?
00:10:44 What I have finished
00:12:15 What I am working on
00:13:10 Solomon Poncho KAL
00:14:50 Wildflower KAL
00:16:30 Delightful Works Bag
00:18:30 Shark Week peak













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