Prize Winner & Designs! K21

Prize Winner & Designs! K21

K21 of the Wise Owl Knits Fibercast. Welcome, if you are a new viewer, and welcome back if you have watched previously. Show notes and links can be found below, or are also available at

Bulls & Braid Boxy

Bulls & Braids Hat

Wildflower T

Sweet Mountain Crafts

Knitty McPurly

Mystery Mouse Yarns

Delightful Works

Hold your Knitting Close, by Sue Witkin - The Winner of the free copy is Cezzie - please contact me with your address!

Purchase your copy of this book by messaging Sue (looplover12) on Instagram. If you were a Knitting Pipeline fan, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. And if you were not aware of the podcast, I know that you will be a fan after reading the book!

Saint John Paul the Great, His Five Loaves

Saint John Paul the Great
Texas Peach Knits

Tiny Saints

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:43 What I am Wearing
00:03:35 Finishes
00:05:37 Give-a-way Winner
00:09:18 Design Progress
00:14:19 New Yarn
00:18:00 Some Good Things, Including a book
00:22:37 Tiny Saints
00:23:25 Like Comment Subscribe
00:24:20 My yard in the fall & Barley

You can see all of my patterns at

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