How many Fibercasts before it is a habit??

How many Fibercasts before it is a habit??

I am Wearing

Light Summer T, this version is knit in a speckled hand dyed yarn and is a one off! My other Light Summer T is knit in Chicken Lady Fiber Arts Serama in the color Teal'C. Fingering weight. 200-400 grams of fingering weight. Finished Bust :35 (39, 43, 47, 51, 55, 59) in/89 (99, 109, 119.5, 129.5, 139.5, 150) cm

I am Making

The Baby Quilt is Lookout Tree and Animal Sampler from Elizabeth Hartman. - got it all sandwhiched together and have started quilting!

God's Promise Socks from Anna Knitter, knit in Opal Sock Yarn, also from Anna Knitter. My yarn was from the Cat's and Dog's Collection. Anna has sold out of that collection, but she has lot's of other Opal choices. -

Bi Bri Hat from Wise Owl Knits - That's me! The dominant yarn is Pulse DK in the color Disco from Skeinz, and the background yarn is from stash. The cute Bucket Bag is from Delightful Works. Waiting mode

Fosette for the Fosettealong2023. Yarn is a limited edition from Skeinz. Video of how to avoid purling on the bobbles. I have split for the sleeves!!

Baby Blanket on the knitting machine. Epic fail, but I am on to a new plan.

Soonish, I will cast on 2 more Christmas Stockings for a young couple/relative's kids. They are not technically relatives, but we think of them as related. This young family is definitely knit worthy. I am doing 2 stockings this year for the preschooler and toddler, and I will do one for the new baby next year, if I don't get it done before this Christmas. I just committed to getting 2 done this year. I am again using The Colorwork Sampler Christmas Stocking pattern. I will also be casting on a stocking for Bella the dog - fingers crossed that she doesn't chew it up!

Cindy's Blanket for her Daughter-in-Law, using Premier Every Day Worsted. I have completed 3 blocks so far and have started a 4th block. Cindy had done 8 squares before she got sick and then passed on Christmas day, 2021.

I have Finished ...... Nothing!

Designs in Progress

Trinitrio is back from the Tech editor and the call for testers has gone out.

Cable Poncho is getting so close to completing the knitting. The official name of this design is the Solomon Poncho. I have the charts basically done, the need to be tweaked and I need to write them out.

I am such a chart person, so the written instructions for all the cable rows are almost always tedious for me. Yarn is Southlander DK from Skeinz.

As soon as the Fosette is off the needles, the fingering weight colorwork sweater will be cast on.

Today's Good News, May has Arrived!

Warmth has come our way, along with some thunderstorms.

First and foremost, May is the the month that we honor Mary. In the Catholic Church we believe that Mary is there to help us come to Christ, and that if we encounter Mary, we will also encounter Christ.

Secondly, May is a huge crazy and fun time in Indianapolis. The Indy 500 is run every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day. This year that is also Penecost Sunday, Come Holy Spirit!

The month is kicked off on the first Saturday with the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I participated, walking with some of the girls from our Hiking Club (Chicks on the Hike). No records were broken, but it was a warm day with overcast skies in the morning. A perfect day for a 13.1 mike walk from downtown Indianapolis, out to IMS, then back to Military Park downtown.

Next Weekend in the Indy Grand Prix, which is a road course at IMS, then the following weekend is Indy 500 qualifying. The month culminates with the race on May 28

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