Fibercast #9

Fibercast #9

Thank you for watching the Wise Owl Knits Fibercast! Welcome back if you have been watching, and I am glad that you are here if this is your first time viewing the Fibercast.

What I am Wearing/Design in Progress

The Wildflower T is one of my current design projects and I am finished with the knitting. I made a small. This T has just a little ease through the shoulders and bust, and no waist shaping. The yarn is from Knitty McPurly. I used one skein of Frankfurt Fingering in Meadow, and I had 2 Just the Rainbow Mini Sets. I used 2 mini skeins of Beryl, and 1 mini skein of Fantine, Trinket, and Thistle. I was not quite to the yarn chicken stage of Meadow and Beryl, and I used all but a yard of Fantine.

More Designs - Just released!!

The Sharkey pattern has been released and is now available at Wise Owl Knits.

Sharkey was written with the PIK Shark Week Challenge in mind. This is a somewhat safe pattern for the challenge, because it is pretty do-able in a week. Here are the details so far from Anne Pinkava:

Shark week is coming, and with it the #piksharkchallange! For more information, check out the last episode of Live from the Knitting Wars, todays episode of PIK, or the upcoming issue of @blockedmag , which will have a full write up of rules. The basics are that you cast on a project and finish it in a week (July 11-18), and if you don’t finish in time the Shark gets you and you have to undo your knitting. Extra entries for our give away are for sticking with the Shark theme (yarn, project, project bags, watching a shark program) but EVERYONE who joins us wins with free stickers from us and other fantastic podcasts.

As I said, full rules later, but for now I wanted to say that the wonderful Susan of @delightful_works has made a shark themed bag for our make along, so if you wanted to get a jump on getting your supplies ready this is a great opportunity.

Happy swimming!


Solomon Poncho - I am still plugging away on the pattern writing, and my goal is to get the writing done and off to the tech editor yet this week. Honestly, I think this is a fairly easy pattern, as it is basically a big rectangle with a semi circle cut out for the neckline. Once you get through a repeat of the cables, you will have that part down pat.

If you are on my test knitter list, watch for an email to recruit you for testing in about a week and a half. The yarn I used is Southlander DK from Skeinz. You can used DK or worsted weight yarn as long as you can get gauge. There are 3 sizes and I made the smallest. The amount of yarn needed is approximately 800 grams for the S/M, 900 grams for L/XL and 1100 grams for 2XL/3XL.

If you want to be added to my test knitter list, go to my website and send me a message saying that you want to be added to the list. Please put Test Knitting in the subject line. You are never obligated to test, but you will get an email when a testing opportunity happens and you can respond if you would like to participate in that particular test. If you can't participate, or are not interested in that pattern, you do not need to respond to the email. You will remain on the list for future tests.

What I am Making

This pattern is the Diagonal Box Stitch by Darlisa Riggs. There are other patterns that are pretty much the same. It is a corner to corner pattern.

I also got my Lagare 47 to knit correctly. I would say that all of my tangled messes were due to operator error. I am going to try and crank out a pair of socks this week!

Some Good News

Last Sunday Devin from Knitty McPurly was kind enough to mention the Wise Owl Knits Fibercast on her Knitty McPurly Podcast. That was so nice of her, and it gave me a nice little bump in subscribers. Thank you Devin!

I don't have quite the reach that Devin has, but I do want to let you know about a couple of new podcasts that have recently started

Knit Nite with Liz, Jo Bob, and Therese. This podcast is like hanging out with good knitting friends, because they are good knitting friends.

Another fun new podcast is Yarn, Chicken, and Sh1t This podcast is by another friend, Tara. Tara moved out to the country a few years ago, and she and her family are doing a bit if ranching by way of chickens and turkey! It is really interesting to see what they are doing and also to learn a bit more about the Orthodox church. I am Catholic, and I find the differences and the similarities really fascinating.

My last bit of good news is all about camping, and camping with family. Last weekend we had our annual Beckerich Family Campout. We all live pretty close together and are a tight knit group anyway, but it is so fun to spend some time in the woods togther. We now have a new tradition - the swimming tournament! Big Prizes, the National Anthem, and only a few tears. Maybe next year we can do a mini triatholon!

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