Fibercast #6, May 24, 2023

Fibercast #6, May 24, 2023

Designs in Progress

I have started working on my new color work T in fingering weight yarn. My yarn is mostly mini skeins from Knitty McPurly. My main color is Meadow, and I am using a full skein of Meadow.

So far I am on 1 mini of Trinket, Thistle, and Fantine. I am on my 2nd minis of Beryl. The Bag is from Rae at Long Leaf Bags.

Trinitrio is back from the Tech editor and is in the testing phase

Cable Poncho is getting so close to completing the knitting. The official name of this design is the Solomon Poncho. I have the charts basically done, the need to be tweaked and I need to write them out.

I am such a chart person, so the written instructions for all the cable rows are almost always tedious for me. Yarn is Southlander DK from Skeinz.

Some Good News

In Some Good News I talked about the Mike Rowe Podcast. It is really a good one, so you should check it out. The book that I mention is by Michael Easter, and it is called The Comfort Crisis

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