Fibercast #2

Fibercast #2

Hey Knitters!

Thank you so much for watching the 2nd Wise Owl Knits Fibercast. I am Cheryl Beckerich. I design knitting patterns. I knit, sew, and quilt, and will talk about all of my fibery pursuits on the fibercast. I truly appreciate you spending your viewing time with me. That really means the world to me.

I am wearing the Cable Swoncho. The Cable Swoncho is knit is Skeinz Southlander Bulky

I am Making

  1. The Baby Quilt is Lookout Tree and Animal Sampler from Elizabeth Hartman.
  2. God's Promise Socks from Anna Knitter, knit in Opal Sock Yarn, also from Anna Knitter. My yarn was from the Cat's and Dog's Collection. Anna has sold out of that collection, but she has lot's of other Opal choices.
  3. Bi Bri Hat from Wise Owl Knits - That's me! The dominant yarn is Pulse DK in the color Disco from Skeinz, and the background yarn is from stash. The cute Bucket Bag is from Delightful Works.
  4. Fosette for the Fosettealong2023. Yarn is a limited edition from Skeinz. Video of how to avoid purling on the bobbles.

I have Finished

  1. Solomon's Trellis Hat is a Wise Owl Knits pattern. It is knit with 1 skein of Skeinz Southlander Bulky in the Cream Colorway.
  2. Solomon's Knot Hat is also a Wise Owl Knits pattern. I used Cascade 220 for this hat and the colorway is 8414, Bright Red.
  3. Christmas Stocking for Baby G. This is another Wise Owl Knits pattern, The Colorwork SamplerChristmas Stocking. I used Cascade 220 for the stocking too!


  1. Cable Poncho with Collar
  2. Trinitrio Sweater
  3. Fingering Colorwork T-Shirt/Sweater

Thanks for watching the Fibercast! I appreciate your support and spending your viewing time with me.

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