Fibercast #1

Fibercast #1

I have wanted to start podcasting for a while now, and I have finally jumped into the pool! My fear is that I won't have enough to talk about or that I will just podcast too infrequently or sporadically. My plan is to produce a show every week, as I think that is the best plan for keeping myself accountable.

I will put my show notes here in the blog after every show. You can watch either on YouTube or on Rumble. Please comment, like, and subscribe if you like the show. Also, I plan to add some music for the intro and the end of the fibercast, but I am not sure exactly what I want.... so that will probably appear at some point in the not too distant future.

I am Making

  1. God's Promise Socks from Anna Knitter, knit in Opal Sock Yarn, also from Anna Knitter. My yarn was from the Cat's and Dog's Collection. Anna has sold out of that collection, but she has lot's of other Opal choices.
  2. Bi Bri Hat from Wise Owl Knits - That's me! The dominant yarn is Pulse DK in the color Disco from Skeinz, and the background yarn is from stash.
  3. The Baby Quilt is Lookout Tree and Animal Sampler from Elizabeth Hartman.

I have Finished

  1. Lataere Shawl from Knitty McPurly. Yarn was from the 2022 Knitty McPurly Lent Calendar. Also, I was wearing the Joy Stitch Marker Necklace from Knitty McPurly.
  2. Studio Tunic is from Sew Liberated. Fabric was on sale at JoAnn's and is a linen polyester blend.
  3. The Scrunch Hat and the Light Summer T are both from Wise Owl Knits. The yarn for the Scrunch Hat is Warsaw Worsted from Knitty McPurly, and the yarn for the Light Summer T is Serama in Teal'C from Chicken Lady Fiber Arts.
  4. American Flag Quilt is called Stars and Stripes and is from Thimble Blossoms


I first showed the Trinitrio. The knitting and pattern writing is complete, and the pattern is now in the hands of the tech editor. Test knitting will begin soon, so if you are interested in testing, email me at

I am also working on a fingering weight colorwork sweater and a cabled poncho with a collar. You will see more of these at the pattern development is a bit further on in the design process.

Some Good News

If you are interested in finishing partially complete projects for a maker that has died or who is no longer able to do the crafts that they love, contact the Loose Ends Project.

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