This is P16 of the Wise Owl Knits Fibercast. Welcome, if you are a new viewer, and welcome back if you have watched previously. Show notes and links can be found below or are also available at https://www.wiseowlknits.com/fibercast. I am the knitwear designer and pattern writer behind Wise Owl Knits.

You can find me at www.wiseowlknits.com, wiseowlknitss on Instagram, and wiseowlknits on YouTube, Rumble and Facebook. You can message me on Instagram, or through the contact us page on my website. You can also email me at cheryl@wiseowlknits.com.

In this podcast I talk about what I am wearing, what I am making, designs in progress, the Indiana State Fair, & comments. I about books, and anything that I am currently thinking about. You can see all of my patterns at https://www.wiseowlknits.com

Here are the P16 timestamps:

00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:48 What I am Wearing.

00:05:36 What I am Making.

00:09:12 Current Design Projects

00:24.09 Stash Enhancements

00:28:17 Indiana State Fair

00:30:05 Comments from K15

00:40:19 What I am Reading.

Birthline - https://www.archindy.org/humanlifeand...

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Knit Wise Tubular BO - • Tubular Bind Off for 1 x 1 Ribbing

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Steven West Tubular BO - • Tubular Bind Off for 1x1 Ribbing

Ravelution - https://www.ravelutionyarn.ca/

Politically Incorrect Knitters interview with Melanie of Ravelution - • Episode 155: Special Guest Melanie

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Charlie Serephin - https://www.charlieseraphin.com/

Charlie's book is One Stupid Mistake - https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/one-stu...


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