I am wearing

Brave and Kind Shawl, which was inspired by some women that showed a lot of courage under attack by the cancel mob is 2019 and 20. The stripes are mini skeins from Maria Tusken, and the main color is from Tina at Awyennedd Yarn & Fibers. https://awenyddyarn.com/

Finished Projects

Christmas Stockings for Bella & Luke Colorwork Sampler Christmas Stocking | Wise Owl Knits

What I am Making

Christmas Stocking for Irene. Still have to do one for Alice & Kyle

Design Progress

New DK-weight colorwork sweater with Knitty McPurly Dubrovnic DK, colors are Fathom, Morel, Fantine, and Bougie. Lots of 1 x 1 colorwork. Long sleeves or short sleeves? How much colorwork on the body?

New DK-weight from Ravelution. This will also be a colorwork sweater, but just 2 colors. I am working on the charts for this one.

Wildflower is going into testing within a few days. If you are on the test knit list, watch for an email from me this weekend.

Solomon Poncho Test is on-going.

State Fair Results

2 Blue Ribbons, Wildflower and Solomon Poncho. Honorable Mention on the Trinitro

Book Report

Becoming Elizabeth Elliott by Ellen Vaughn Becoming Elisabeth Elliott


Going on in my Life

Camping Trip

New Bronco

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