Encourage People to Knit!

The world needs more knitters, they are the nicest, kindest, and most calm people in the world! In an effort to bring people into the knitting world, I am posting a series of tutorials on YouTube that are geared to new knitters. If you have anyone that you want to "convert," you can send them my way.

The first in the series is Learn the Long Tail Cast On. In my experience as a teacher, this part of knitting needs to be taught, then re-taught, at the beginning of the next project, then re-taught again. The person learning just doesn't get to practice this enough for it to stick the first time, but after a few projects, the muscle memory kicks in and the long tail cast on just happens without too much thought!

Learn the Long Tail Cast On

Once the new knitter gets the stitches on the needle, then they are ready to:

Learn the Knit Stitch

After the new knitter is comfortable doing the knit stitch, then we introduce the purl stitch - just to mix things up a bit!

Learn the Purl Stitch

Watch for more videos to be posted on a regular basis. The videos will start with the basics then moving on to intermediate and advanced topics!

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