Cable Top Boxy

Cable Top Boxy

A new pattern from Cheryl Beckerich Knits

The Cable Top Boxy is a combination of a few things that I love.

  • I am pretty fond of boxy style sweaters. Wide sweaters with fitted sleeves.
  • I am also a really big fan of cables. I think they are fun to knit and I like that you can see what to do next once they are established.
  • Lastly, I like an interesting construction, as long as it makes sense to the look of the design and adds to the look and drape of the sweater.

The Cable Top Boxy begins with a ribbed turtleneck that is worked in the round, and then the right and left shoulders are added on each side from live turtleneck stitches.

Once both shoulders are complete, stitches are picked up along the back. There is some short row shaping to around the back of the neck to make the back of the neck a bit longer than the front. You can use the Wrap & Turn Short Row method, German Short Rows, or Japanese Short Rows. It is really your choice! Short rows keep the back of the sweater from riding up, ensuring a good fit. The back is worked flat until the bottom of the armhole.

Next the front stitches are pick up. There is also a small bit of short row shaping on the front. The front is also worked flat until the bottom of the armholes. The front and back are then

joined to work in the round. At this point, you will be working stockinette stitch in the round to the bottom ribbing, so..... time to pick a Netflix show to binge watch!

You will work ribbing for the border at the bottom of the sweater, then on to the small sleeves. The sweater body is very wide, so the sleeves are short and end up looking like they are 3/4 length. Trust me, the sleeves go very quickly on the Cable Top Boxy!

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Please note: The Cable Top Boxy was started just before the lockdown for the Covid 19 pandemic. The pictures are of me, taken by me, in my yarn room. I know it is a bit messy and the closet door is ajar. The closet door does not like to stay closed, I close it and it pops open.

Sorry for the less than professional photography, but this is what I can do right now. It is like seeing inside the newscaster's dining room or the musical artist's fireplace. I can't show you my dining room. It is now my husbands office and is full of blueprints. I am sure many of you have similar situations in you own homes right now. We are all doing what we have to do to get through these trying circumstances!

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