Short Rows in Action

Short Rows in Action

Playing with short rows is enlightening

Working a simple and short pattern with short rows can really help you realize why and how short rows work.

I have a new pattern that uses short rows to shape a round dish cloth using a series of adjacent wedges. The pattern is written using German short rows, though you can use whatever short row method that you prefer.

Here is all you need for the Round Short Row Dishcloth pattern:

1 Ball Lily Sugar “n Cream, 100% cotton, 4 oz/113 g, 200 yds/ 184 m or 50 yds/45 m cotton dishcloth yarn Size 8 US/5 mm needles Stitch markers Tapestry needle

Note - The pattern has a couple of corrections. The rows were originally misnumbered, There are 6 rows in each wedge. When working the German Short rows, the Right Needle is inserted under both legs of the double stitch, not the left needle.

Knit, learn and enjoy!

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