Owl Blanket is Finally Done

Owl Blanket is Finally Done

I began working on Hoot Hoot well over a year ago. This is a re-work of an older pattern that a great aunt had made for her granddaughter. I had been given the baby blanket to see if I could find the pattern. After a few years, I did find it, but it was long out of print. I decided to make my own version of the blanket.

The blanket was originally going to be a throw but my husband and grown boys convinced me that if it was not big enough for them to stretch out under, then it was basically useless. It would just be a decoration.

I made the blanket 6 blocks wide and 9 blocks high. I also added a 3 inch seed stitch reverse st st strip between each row of blocks. I added a 4 inch garter stitch border on all 4 sides and finished the whole thing off with an applied I-cord border.

Here is the basic recipe to make this baby blanket or throw. I have not written out the entire instructions for the blanket, but I do invite you to give it a go!

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